Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Why does Stink Bug smell?  
Stink bugs or stinkbugs are of thousand species under a single genus which can geographically be found all around the globe. If the stinky smell of stink bugs are totally aggressive to offend human muzzles, this makes it more effective as a repulsive arsenal against bug-like and animal predators.

Stink bugs are derivatively named from its nature of being an insect with a foul-smelling odor. The stink bug smell usually is released in aerial distribution through a form of exudation. These bugs are scientifically classified under the suborder Heteroptera, under the order of Hemeptera and with family Pentatomidae. Stink bugs have wings with flat slender bodies which can camouflage with its present surrounding. These stinky bugs are commonly visible outdoors and can penetrate into homes which cause infestation.

Stink bugs are physically oriented to have a thin body with common colors like brown, gray, and black with orange or red marks. There are also those green and blue but not as common as the others. Body length and dimensions are of usual measures as ¼ to ½ an inch, or 6 to 13 millimeters.

A stink bug is a predatory insect which is preyed by many animals and birds. Although to humans the stink bug smell is somewhat bothersome, alternatively this is its main defense. In the event that a stink bug is in danger of predatory attacks, it releases a liquid from the bi-glands of its thorax which causes such bad odor.

Adhering to its name stink bug, these bugs really and truly stink. Stink bugs disperses a totally aggressive and stinking smell if it is perturbed. The body of the bug itself and its entirety does not stink, only the bad smell goes off it is disturbed or is attempted to be preyed. Stink bug smell is released each time a stink bug secretes a liquidized paste which courses out from two thorax glands of the bug. In the event the liquid has been discharged and blends with the air, the odor will linger on whatever it may have touched. Stink bugs often secrets this type of smelly liquid to coat itself in preparation for predatorily attacks that as to some animals and birds, they even spit out a stink bug once after they devour them.

Once a stink bug landed on some sort of material, the smell stays. Stink bug smell removal is essential if home stuff has been affected. Common removal procedure makes use of an aerosol air freshener and a Ziploc bag. Spray an aerosol directly into the material that has been affected by the stinky smell, sun drying it also works and eventually re-spraying aerosol. If with clothes same procedure applies and eventually should be washed and dipped with a strong fragrant fabric conditioner.

To suppress stink bug smell delivered by live stink bugs, finding its location is the primary action. Spray directly and as close as you can get underneath its body as the aerosol pressure can make them fall into the ground. Once fallen, find a way to house them inside a zip lock bag and finally spray aerosol into the bag and eventually locking it and finally throwing it to the trash.

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